Flower Characters
Dancers and Stilt Walkers

Flower details can be added to our dancers and stilt walkers and worn with or without illumination.

The performers have an extensive collection on flowers, allowing them to effortlessly change up styling to fit the brief.

Gorgeous and unusual wedding entertainment, equally perfect for a black tie event performance or large corporate conference.

  • "We will definitely be using the flower dancers again, they were brilliant!"
    Lorrain - Event Manager
  • "The performers looked beautiful."
    Alex - Private Client
  • "The stilt walkers were the highlight of the night, I would recommend them to anyone!"
    Siobhan - Private Client
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The Flower People
Living Statues
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Flower Girls
Stilt Walkers
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Enchanted Forest Dancers
Flower Dancers
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Mr & Mrs Flora
Flower Stilt Walkers
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