Floral Design & Experiences

From stunning table arrangements, to beautiful flower walls, these thoughtfully crafted flower designs will equip your event with jaw-dropping aesthetics. 

With over 15 years of industry experience, our florist, Gemma, can provide you with floral design and event production services to realise unique and unforgettable floral ambitions for special events.

  • "We could never have imagined such breathtakingly beautiful floristry - it was beyond our wildest dreams. It was the enchanted garden wedding I had always dreamed of, thank you so much."
    Lizzie - Private Client
  • “The flowers were so so beautiful!! Everyone was effusive about them! It was better than I had ever imagined and it was so special that they were English grown specifically for us with a local grower.”
    Lizzy - Private Client
  • "Thank you so much for the most wonderful afternoon! Gemma was amazing. The flowers were stunning and all the extra touches made the day really magical. The girls all loved it and the birthday girl had the most wonderful time."
    Rachel - Private Client
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Festive Floral Workshops
Bespoke Festive Floral Experiences
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The Flower People
Living Statues
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Festive Floral Workshops
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