Flash Mob
Dance Troupe

Our flash mob are the experts at unexpected entertainment.

Everything about our surprise flash mob performances are customised to thrill guests at each party, proposal, wedding reception, corporate function or promotional opening.

We work closely with you to create truly unique surprises that will take your event to the next level, and to ensure top quality, our surprise dancers are of the highest professional standard with film, TV and West End credits.

The flash mob’s past clients include Co-Op, Kew Gardens, Radisson Hotels, Red Bull, University of London, Claridges, Guinness World Records, Ericsson, and countless more private & corporate clients.

  • "Professional from start to finish, an incredibly creative and adaptable group!"
    Amy - Creative Producer
  • "Throughout the whole process they were faultless."
    Rebecca - Private Client
  • "Thank you very much again for everything and we can't wait to find an other occasion to do something together again!"
    Andrea - Private Client
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Street Dancers
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Brazilian Dream
Samba Dancers and Musicians
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Mirror Dancers
Sparkling Characters
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Acrobatic Troupe
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