Fire Elves
Fire Show

The Fire Elves perform a highly energetic and visual show featuring martial arts, dance, special effects and fire prop manipulation.

Playful acrobatics, handstands, faerie wands and fire tricks are also included in the performance to the background music of the event. The performance is designed to add a mystical beauty to the atmosphere of the evening.

The Fire Elves are ideal for garden parties, weddings, corporate events and outdoor celebrations.

  • "I was taken aback by the skill level you're bringing to the stage."
    Alessandra Martines – Le Jury
  • "I honestly can't put into words quite how amazing it was!"
    Karine Zegrir – Press Relations Hotel Royal Evian les Bains
  • "They kept our 5000 attendees on the edge of their seats!"
    Sky TV Production Team
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Fire Show
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Pippa The Ripper
Hula Hoop Performer
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