Fire Ballet
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Fire Ballet offer an exquisite fire performance, blending circus and classical dance. They are a memorable fire act for powerful staged performances, dancing about with fire clubs, fire-fingers or miniature fire wands. They excel as a lantern dance piece for small spaces and indoor performances.

Fire Ballet feature versatile base costumes that lend themselves well to styling and adaptation, and can be combined with other props, functioning as clockwork dolls, fairies and more. These pieces can also be worn with warmer accessories for outdoor or cold weather performance. They are wonderful as a winter themed performance or for entertainment at weddings.

This beautiful act can be seen as a solo or ensemble piece, and performed to the soundtrack of your choice, be it classical or contemporary.

  • "Absolutely beautiful performers!"
    Simone - Private Client
  • "Thank you so much - you guys were brilliant."
    Elena - Corporate Client
  • "An extremely professional act, with real talent and amazing skills."
    Luke - Private Client
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Fire Elves
Fire Show
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