Festive Floral Workshops
Bespoke Festive Floral Experiences

Bespoke festive floral experiences focusing on personalised and curated workshops for brands and private clients. 

We have a range of magical winter workshops to get you in the Christmas spirit, such as wreath-making, hand tied bouquet design, and table arrangement. 

Want to tailor your workshop specifically to your company or group? Our fully trained florist, Gemma, utilises her background in experiential marketing to offer a unique and memorable approach to floral design workshops for special events and goes the extra mile to ensure no two workshops are the same. 

  • "I have had the pleasure of working with Gemma on multiple creative projects since 2018. She is very clearly hard working, knowledgeable, caring and hugely personable towards her clients."
    Lauren - Private Client
  • "The looks she designed and created were so on brand for us. The team loved working with her."
    Claudia - Private Client
  • “Gemma's creativity and organisation of the event at Hayman's Gin Distillery was really first class. Everyone who attended had a fabulous time filled with gin, flowers and Christmas spirit."
    Rosie - Private Client
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