Fergus is a fantastic, London-based magician who would be the perfect addition to any event.

Fergus has performed multiple times on TV including appearances on Channel 4, Channel 5, CBBC, Sky One and BBC One. In 2013 he won a BAFTA for best entertainment on BBC, and he has even been endorsed by Derren Brown.

Fergus’ performances provide a unique combination of magic and mind reading, which has seen him perform for some of the biggest brands across the globe.

An expert in sleight of hand, Fergus perform a variety of interactive and visually stunning effects. Borrowed banknotes appear in lemons, wine bottles pass through tables, signed playing cards and borrowed rings are found in impossible locations – even the thoughts and actions of audiences are predicted through powerful displays of mind reading. He has an extremely wide repertoire which ensures that guests of all ages are engaged and entertained throughout the course of any event.

  • "Fergus is not only a hugely talented magician – one of the finest close up magicians in the country – but also the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. He’s one of very few I’d recommend: you and your guests will absolutely adore him."
    Derren Brown
  • “Fergus is charming, professional and would be the perfect fit for any audience. The perfect ice breaker!”
    Judy Naake MBE
  • "His tricks continue to wow our clients and he is a true pleasure to work with. I would never hire anyone else."
    Emma - Event Manager
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