Father Christmas

Looking to make your Christmas party extra special? Why not book our Father Christmas to make a surprise appearance?

Available for corporate and private events, our Father Christmas tailors each visit to fit your requirements, and he can even bring one of his elves along with him!

From turning on your Christmas lights to delivering presents, Father Christmas will appear at your party or front door to the sound of his Reindeer’s sleigh and bells, giving everyone a magical experience that they will treasure.

  • “They were brilliant! Thanks so much. If I ever have to hire a Santa and an Elf again I know where to come.”
  • “A more memorable and enchanting reincarnation of Father Christmas could not be asked for."
    Fortnum & Mason
  • “Thank you. It went amazingly, everyone said Santa was the best they’d seen, even the parents were thoroughly impressed."
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Snow King and Snow Queen
Stilt Walkers
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Christmas Band
Party Band
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Christmas Carollers
Carol Singers
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The Santa Acro Chaps
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