Ella & Edu

Ella & Edu are a duo made up of sultry vocals and soulful piano.

Expect this act to exude elegance and class whenever they perform their tastefully selected repertoire of jazz, soul and acoustic pop. Having performed together for years their effortlessness and charming stage chemistry is evident and a pleasure to witness.

This duo will add sparkle to your event and complement the atmosphere with their easy listening music, perfectly setting the tone for
romantic wedding receptions, dinner parties or corporate events.

  • 'Ella & Edu were amazing! Not only did they deliver an amazing performance, but they were also incredibly friendly and professional. They made working with them an absolute pleasure!'
    Katie - Private Client
  • 'Ella & Edu made our wedding magical! Their performance fit the mood of our drinks reception perfectly and Ella has such an amazing voice.'
    Connie - Bride
  • 'They were the highlight of the evening!'
    Darren - Corporate Client
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