Crush Live
DJ + Band

Do you want to capture a nightclub’s aura and the infectious energy of live musicians? Are you hungry for a party-atmosphere, but you’re being starved by limitations on budget, space or sound levels?

Then book Crush Live!

If space is an issue, then let a 2-piece make a big sound. If not, inflate the ensemble to include any imaginable combination of vocalists and instrumentalists (e.g. saxophone, violin, trumpet, percussion) alongside their resident DJ. All of the musicians can perform wirelessly from the audience, creating a new dimension of interactivity – just picture the buzz as the pianist performs feats of stunning virtuosity on a keytar.

Enquire now and set your private or public event on fire with Crush Live.

  • "Great energy, they really bought our party to life!"
    Justine - Private Client
  • "Very accommodating! Highly reccomened!"
    Tom - Corporate Client
  • "Our guests LOVED Crush Live! Thanks for the recommendation!"
    John - Corporate Client
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