Creative Carts
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Creative Carts provide stunning stalls and tricycles which serve all kinds of refreshments. With friendly, efficient staff and the best food and drink around, Creative Carts work regularly with top event organisers, caterers, venues, hotels and private clients to provide a bespoke and professional service.

Creative Carts offer a wide variety of branding options ranging from partial to a full wrap. They can also remove the boxes from the tricycles and place them on a plain bike to match the client’s colour scheme. They also print cups, popcorn containers, smoothie cups, napkins and bespoke containers, as well as offering the ability to print logos in the foam of coffee.

Some of Creative Carts’ offerings include: ice cream, churros, pizza, cheese, crepes, espresso, Pimm’s, popcorn and raclette.

  • "I'd go nuts for the doughnuts!"
    Michaela - Corporate Client
  • "What a tasty treat!"
    Kirsty - Corporate Client
  • "Flawless service."
    Ro-Shaun - Private Client
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Branded Lollipops
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Cocktail Service and Cocktail Making
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Edible Perfume
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