Cocktail Service and Cocktail Making

We work with both corporate and private clients to deliver a bespoke drinks service.

We are able to deliver anything from launch parties and networking events to birthday parties and weddings. Our expertise doesn’t end with our delectable cocktails and stunning bar solutions – we also pride ourselves on having some of the best mixologists in the business whose passion and friendly manner make all of our clients feel instantly at ease.

What’s more, if you are looking for a fun team building exercise then why not book our Cocktail Making Masterclass? This can be enjoyed anywhere, whether in your office or at a venue. We can cater for sessions from 10 – 200 guests, with each and every participant making and sampling the cocktails.

  • "As always, the team handled all elements of the concept and delivery with their reassuring professionalism."
    Marblehead Brand Development
  • "You did an outstanding job!"
    Corporate Client
  • "Thank you for helping to make my party such a great night."
    Private Client
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Mist Orbs
Edible Mist
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Edible Fragrance
Edible Perfume
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Branded Lollipops
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Ice Carvings and Ice Bars
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