Christmas Lite Acrobats
LED Acrobats

The perfect Christmas act for your next event! Choose between the Winter Wonderland acrobatic dancers or the family-fun and interactive acrobatic elves. Both acts combine high-level acrobatics with amazing programmable LED light staffs to create a stunning light show for your guests. 

The acrobatic elves are a family favourite! These acrobatic elves combine expert level tumbling, high-balances and acrobatic lifts with spinning LED graphics around them! As they perform the acrobatics tricks they also spin the light LED staffs around them. The swirls and patterns of light have been precisely programmed and timed to compliment the specific acrobatic lift they are performing. Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings and Ho Ho Ho are displayed as the acrobats are in their balances. As these LED staffs can be programmed we can present your logo, buzz words, key names and even faces to feature in our show! These acrobats are fun and perfect for events where you’d love to have interaction with the performers.

An alternative to the LED light Elves are the Winter Wonderland acrobats with the LED staffs. As with the acrobatic elves, these acrobats perform acrobatic tumbling, balances and lifts all whilst they are spinning different images of Christmas graphics. The acrobats are costumed in beautiful silver-white catsuits embroidered with lace and fur for the more sophisticated event! Images of icycles, snowflakes, presents & baubles swirl around their bodies in this spectacular display. Again your logo, buzz words or even faces can be programmed into the LED light staff show. Perfectly choreographed to an uplifting soundtrack, these acrobats will create the ultimate festive spectacle at your Christmas event.

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Acrobatic Elves
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Christmas Acrobats
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Winged Ballerinas
Ballet Dancers
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