Christmas Carollers
Carol Singers

If you’re organising an event in November/December chances are it’s for Christmas, and what better way to get your guests in the Christmas spirit than with some Christmas carollers!

Complete with winter hats and scarves they sing a cappella in fantastic four part harmonies. They are able to include all your favourite Christmas tunes as well as some more modern day hits. They’ve performed together all over the place, including in palaces, cathedrals, bars and private homes.

We also have an almost unending wardrobe of costumes, in case you would prefer the carollers in something more traditional.

  • "The carollers were fantastic last Friday - they totally set the right atmosphere and were great to work with."
    Francesca - Private Client
  • "What festive fun! We loved them!"
    Paula - Private Client
  • "Please pass on our thanks to the singers, they went down a storm and got everyone in the Christmas spirit."
    Nigel - Event Planner
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