Christmas Acrobats
Dancer Gymnasts

Our acrobats are a snapshot of the circus, gymnastics, contortion and dance acts all in one.

They are available as a pure circus show or with ribbons, lanterns, flags, fire dance or hoop performances.

We have multiple highly accomplished artists who are extremely skilful at working together onsite to tailor their routines to the requirements of the space.

Electrifying both on stage and as a walk about act, these performers are a magical starting place for those seeking entertainment ideas.

  • "The artists were superb last night and went down a treat."
    Ami - Private Client
  • "Your performer was great and a pleasure to work with – and she looked stunning."
    Ben - Events Manager
  • "The performers were absolutely fantastic, professional, flexible and accommodating, a real pleasure to work with."
    Jess - Private Client
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Crystal Contortion
array(4) { ["ID"]=> int(10173) ["title"]=> string(24) "Snow King and Snow Queen" ["desc"]=> string(13) "Stilt Walkers" ["image"]=> string(101) "" }
Snow King and Snow Queen
Stilt Walkers
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The Santa Acro Chaps
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Santa’s Hula-Hoop Girls
Hula Hoop Performers
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