Ceilidh Band
Scottish/ Irish Music

Having a Ceilidh band is a great way to get people dancing at an event and is very popular for weddings. Our selection of Ceilidh bands are guaranteed to get everyone involved even those with two left feet!

Whether you want Scottish or Irish music with a specific line up, from a duo all the way up to a 10 piece band, which includes a variety of different instruments such as Accordions and Fiddles or Pipes and Whistles.

All of our Ceilidh bands come with a caller to talk you through every step and make sure that there is no one left out. Whether it’s your first time at a Ceilidh or you’re a veteran dancer, these bands are a sure fire way to start your evening party off with a bang!

  • "We had so many comments about them and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone."
    John and Susan - Private Client
  • "The guys were great on Friday, very professional."
    Lesley - Corporate Client
  • "Without a doubt the hit of the day!"
    Paul - Private Client
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Acoustic Folk Band
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The Folks
Party Band
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The Tommys
Folk Band
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