Can Can
Parisian-Themed Dancers

Attention Madames et Messieurs!

Champagne is popping, the room is electric, and these dancers are ready to take you back to the real Paris of the Roaring Twenties. Everybody Can Can!

From meeting and greeting guests to full dance sets, our Parisian dancers are suitably versatile to suit any event. Fielding a lineup of anywhere between 2 and 20 performers, they suit small, intimate events as well as large-scale productions.

  • "The true spirit of Paris."
    Diane - Corporate Client
  • "Charming and talented dancers."
    Michelle - Corporate Client
  • "The most authentic Can Can I can (can) imagine!"
    Faridah - Corporate Cleint
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The Gatsby Girls
1920s Dance Act
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LED Can Can
Can Can Dancers
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