Bounder & Cad
Comedy Jazz Duo

Bounder and Cad are a phenomenally hilarious and extremely talented cabaret duo whose clever and lively lyrics took them all the way to Downing Street where their jazzy tunes had the PM dancing in his socks!

Giving classic songs a new twist and new songs a classic twist. Their musical renditions of cabaret’s finest jazz, swing favourites and current tracks are a must see!

Offering bespoke lyrics, Bounder and Cad’s main goals are to perform, to delight, to amaze and to amuse. Whether it be an intimate soiree or a larger bash (where they can be accompanied by their big brass band) they always guarantee that you and your guests have a show stopping time! They have also performed at some of the best parties world wide including for two Princes and two Prime Ministers!

  • "Bounder & Cad are a brilliant double act who had the audience enthralled."
    Dee - Conductor
  • "They were absolutely terrific, and entertained our 125 guests brilliantly."
    Lady - Special Projects Leader
  • "Bounder & Cad made our merry-making merry indeed, with a superb set of songs tailored to our Scottish theme."
    Izzy - Private Client
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