Bounder & Cad
Comedy Jazz Duo

Bounder & Cad are a phenomenally hilarious and extremely talented cabaret duo. Giving classic songs a new twist and new songs a classic twist, their musical renditions of cabaret classics, jazz and swing favourites and current tracks are a must see!

Offering bespoke lyrics, Bounder & Cad’s main goals are to perform, to delight, to amaze and to amuse. Whether it be an intimate soirée or a larger bash (where they can be accompanied by their big brass band) they always guarantee that you and your guests have a show stopping time! They have performed at some of the best parties worldwide including for two Princes and two Prime Ministers!

  • "Bounder & Cad are a brilliant double act who had the audience enthralled."
    Dee - Conductor
  • "They were absolutely terrific, and entertained our 125 guests brilliantly."
    Lady - Special Projects Leader
  • "Bounder & Cad made our merry-making merry indeed, with a superb set of songs tailored to our Scottish theme."
    Izzy - Private Client
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