Big Gospel
Gospel Choir

Big Gospel are an awesome Gospel choir featuring some of the UK’s most talented and outstanding Gospel vocalists. Let them delight and move you with beautiful vocal arrangements, powerful voices, soul-stirring delivery, attention to detail and stunning presentation. They perform Gospel, Soul, RnB and Folk, and can also be commissioned to arrange or write music for your event.

You can also book them for a unique Flashmob, where members of the choir go undercover as your guests or as venue staff, and break out into song. This style is great for weddings and corporate events. Whatever the occasion, the band’s aim is to spread joy and warm the hearts of your guests with their great voices and great music.

Some of their clients and venues include: Charlotte Church, Susan Boyle, Specsavers, Shane Richie, Harrods, British Museum, Natural History Museum, Hedsor House and Peckforton Castle.

  • "They were not only incredible singers, but also lit the room up with their smiles and infectious love for music."
    Katherine - Corporate Client
  • "We had them perform as a surprise quartet... fantastic voices would highly recommend, thanks again!"
    Jenny - Private Client
  • "I don’t think I can even put into words how incredible these guys are."
    Tom - Private Client
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