Belly Dancers
Middle Eastern Dancers

Our Belly Dancers have trained together for years to perform stunning stage choreographies and improvised walkabouts at events both in the UK and worldwide.

They have performed for Gordon Ramsay, Alan Titchmarsh, Kasabian, Akon, Nick Cave, Skepta, Simon Cowell, Ant & Dec, multiple TV channels, Google, Microsoft, members of the British Royal Family and the United Arab Emirates Royal family.

They have belly danced at The Ritz, The Dorchester, Claridge’s, The Savoy, The Victoria & Albert Museum, The British Museum, The Langham, The National Theatre, Merchant Taylor’s Hall, The Hurlingham Club, Hampton Court Palace and many more.

  • “Phenomenal dancers, stunning costumes, gorgeous routines. Absolute pleasure having them at the event.”
    Jo - Corporate Client
  • “The show both conveyed the beauty and sensual art of belly dance yet remained elegant, upscale, organised and professional.”
    Maggie - Private Client
  • “The dancers were the perfect family-friendly entertainment!”
    John - Private Client
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Bolly Dance
Bollywood Dancers
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Sparkling Characters
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