The Belles
Vintage Vocal Trio

The Belles are a vintage vocal harmony trio, who have provided their services worldwide at many prestigious events and for huge clients.

With performances for Rolls Royce and Bentley at venues such as The Dorchester and Aqua Shard, The Belles have established themselves as one of London’s leading vocal harmonies.

Channelling sultry singing, dapper dressing and slick choreography, this trio will be sure to have everyone singing and dancing along.

  • "I have to say you are my favourite band at Quaglino's and you always light up the crowd!"
    Leslie - Quaglino's
  • "The feisty, infectious energy that the girls bring to the stage makes them one of our most treasured and popular live music acts."
    Kate - The Lucky Pig
  • "Beautiful energy and style, an absolute dream to work with due to the ever changing ideas and schedule!"
    Event for Rolls Royce
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