Circus Performer

Becky is a professional multi skilled circus artist based in the UK. Becky specialises in both solo and duo hand balancing, hand to hand and acrobatics. Becky has a BA in circus arts where she graduated as duo hand balancer and also received training in aerial and high level acrobatics. Straight after graduating Becky toured the Netherlands in a travelling circus then to Dublin for a stunning project where she showcased a mix of contortion and hand balancing.

As well as touring with different companies Becky also performs acts through out the UK in popular venues such as; The Windmill, Sushi Samba and Annabel’s. She has also worked for company events such as; WeWork, Peugeot (gold lion awards), the national reality TV awards and the National Centre for Circus Arts Gala.

  • “A beautiful combination of strength and flexibility, Becky's passion for her craft is reflected through her incredible physical skills and performance energy. She is an inspiring creative collaborator and muse.”
    Emily - Private Client
  • “Stunning showcase of flexibility and strength. Becky’s skill and creative personality is shown through a series of breathtaking positions and transitions performed on her hands.”
    Chloe - Private Client
  • “Strength, elegance and precision. All qualities of a true professional, you won't be able to take your eyes of her. I couldn’t recommend Becky enough.”
    Grace - Private Client
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