The Beatbox Collective
Beatbox Group

With over 10 years of battling at the top level, performing, teaching worldwide and individually pioneering their art form, The Beatbox Collective is comprised of the leading beatbox artists in the UK – Ball-Zee, Bass6, Bellatrix, BFG, Experimental, Hobbit and MC Zani.

Each credited for their respective styles and statuses, they have merged to form incredibly high impact and energetic shows and were recently crowned as the official World Beatbox Champions in 2015. Ranging from live music production of all genres, physical theatrics and crowd participation, no two shows are ever the same!

This is an experience for all audiences. Beatbox Collective give an understanding of what can be done with musical minds, microphones and pushing the boundaries of the human vocals.

  • "Absolutely amazing."
    Jonathan Ross
  • "Such an entertaining group!"
    Mohammed - Private Client
  • "So different and yet so adaptable for any event!"
    Sienna - Private Client
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