Balloon Modeller
Balloon Artist

Why not inject some glamour and fun into your next event with our fantastic Balloon Modeller?

She will mix and mingle with your guests, strolling around your party making phenomenal and fun balloon accessories such as hats, bracelets and rings as well as incredible balloon animals. She can also create caricatures of you and your favourite characters – you won’t believe the likeness until you see it!

Our Balloon Modeller’s expertise sees the art form transcend that generally associated with children’s parties. She offers a unique  entertainment which is sure to delight and amaze guests of all ages.

  • "Wonderful to see you again making some balloons. I love what you do, it made the whole evening!"
    Samantha - Private Party
  • "Thanks so much for the wonderful balloons. Everyone loved them and loved you too."
    Nina - Private Party
  • "Your balloon model of my husband was spot on. It's sitting on our mantle piece!"
    Leah - Private Party
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Mademoiselle Dotty
Children's Entertainer/ Balloon Modeller
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Children's Entertainer
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Mademoiselle Dotty
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