Aura Photography
Interactive Installation

Using a specially designed camera with the latest technology, Aura Photography is able to capture people’s portraits and interpret their individual unique and changing energies as colourful halos. These auras can be analysed to better understand the person’s personality type or mood. Each colour has a special meaning, allowing for a new form of self discovery and enjoyment.

Guests will receive a beautiful and mysterious portrait unique to them, A colourful work of art that they can share and enjoy.

Aura photography can be used to compliment any event, with each colour having a specific meaning, these meanings can reflect aspects of your event that mirror the same meaning. In the past we have used auras to determine a guests’ favourite cocktail, or a guests’ perfect venue.

  • "So accurate!!"
    Jay - Corporate Client
  • "Kit and the team were great! Highly reccomened"
    Claire - Corporate Client
  • "Our clients loved it & I love how we could customise it to match our event"
    Sam - Corporate Client