Jazz Singer

Atila is an established Jazz singer, whose interpretations of the American Songbook are internationally renowned.

Taking influence from early Frank Sinatra, Atila began his career with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. Since then he has toured extensively with Buddy Greco, the highlight of which was an appearance with the BBC Big Band at the 30th Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival.

Atila has performed live on ITV’s ‘The Alan Titchmarsh Show’ and ‘Stepping Out’. He has also recorded advertisements for  international companies such as Emirates.

  • "I was very impressed with his singing, he has a real feel for the lyrics.”
    Sir Michael Parkinson
  • "I could sit and listen to you all day.”
    Pete Waterman
  • "I was knocked out by Atila. He has the voice and the class to show the world what great music is all about.”
    Buddy Greco
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