Football Freestyler

Ash is one of the best football freestyler entertainers in the world and has taken his skills on show all around the world in countries such as Egypt, Greece, America, Turkey, India, Kuwait & Canada to name a few.

Regularly performing half time slots at football stadiums in front of crowds up to 80,000, also being involved in festivals across Europe with some of the biggest music stars in the industry! Other events Ash regularly performs at include corporate events, schools, colleges, kit launches, promotions, parties, charity events and private events.

Ash has taken football freestyle to the next level by achieving a total of 18x Guinness World Record titles and will continue to set and break new world records.

  • "Everyone loved Ash's performance he was very easy to work with and we'll certainly be using him again!"
    Chelsea Football Club
  • "Such fun! What a great day."
    James - Corporate Event
  • "Ash was brilliant last night, he involved everyone with his fancy footwork."
    Louisa - Private Event
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