Arcade Games for Hire
Arcade Games

We have a huge selection of arcade games available for hire.

All of our games are delivered, installed, set up and collected by our staff. Our staff will also conduct a hand over and familiarisation session with you to ensure you are happy with the game.

All of our games are set on free play, so no money is needed to operate them – you simply push the start button to play and enjoy your time!


  • "The machines went down very well, the dance floor was quieter than normal as lots of people were driving/skiing/shooting aliens!"
    Ajay - Event Manager
  • "It went down very well with all the games, they were really well received and consistently in use!"
    Richard - Private Client
  • "All the guests loved the Worlds Largest Pac Man and it was a great addition to the party."
    Camilla - Senior Event Manager
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The Arcade
Pop-Up Arcade
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VR Equipment
VR Equipment for Hire
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Digital Graffiti Wall
Interactive Wall
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