Party Band

Anthem are the electrifying 6 piece that are storming events and filling dance floors worldwide with their energetic and unique take on massive dance anthems and club classics from the 1990s right through to today!

Fronted by 2 exceptional voices with powerful harmonies and energy – this band unleash an epic, euphoric sound which is enhanced through the use of live triggers, samples and loops, delivering passion and intensity that’ll have everyone losing themselves to the music.

  • "Thanks for a fantastic evening. You owned it from start to finish with so many comments on how amazing the band were."
    Oliver - Private Client
  • “Exceptional! Great sound, exciting set, you guys stormed it!"
    Mo - Private Client
  • "Our client was delighted and the packed dance floor speaks volumes."
    Rodney - Private Client
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Party Band
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LED Circus Act
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