Amie brings an unparalleled touch of elegance and refinement to the world’s most prestigious gatherings. With a repertoire that seamlessly blends classical sophistication with contemporary charm, Amie’s harp music transcends mere entertainment, becoming an enchanting experience that elevates any occasion, leaving an indelible mark of luxury and beauty.

Amie has graced the prestigious pages of TATLER Magazine, a pinnacle of world-class publications, featured as a luxury brand for their opulent wedding campaign To Have And To Hold in February 2023. 

In a mesmerising crescendo of luxury, Amie’s performances radiate at the world’s most distinguished and opulent affairs. Her bespoke harp performance for IBM, Fast Company, and Intel at the resplendent Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square, illuminated their Welcome to Accelerate – Hybrid Cloud Strategy to Speed Innovation Event in May 2023.

Harmonising her music with haute couture and designer brands, Amie’s harp music graced the launch of the Wallace Chan: The Wheel of Time Jewellery Exhibition at Christie’s, and she graced myriad London Fashion Week shows with her musical opulence, performing for couture designers including Jeff Garner, Adebayo Jones, and luxury fashion house Vanity Hub Africa.

With an undisputed reputation for luxury, Amie’s illustrious hospitality clientele include Claridge’s, The Dorchester Collection, Fairmont Hotels, Dartmouth House and Marriott Bonvoy, and The Four Seasons.

Amie’s enchanting notes transcended time at the iconic KOKO Camden, where her melodies resonated within the esteemed halls that have witnessed the likes of Madonna, Monty Python, and The Rolling Stones. Amie also performed at St Pancras Renaissance to commemorate The Marriott Bonvoy Global Day of Discovery and 150 years of St Pancras.  

  • 'Amie's beautiful talent elevated our event and added that joie de vivre, lifting the room.'
    George - Private Client
  • 'Amie was an absolutely fantastic addition to our hospitality evenings.'
    Oriana - Corporate Client
  • 'I always look forward to hearing Amie play the Harp at our weddings & events.'
    Tania - Wedding Planner
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