Fun Clairvoyant

Amelie, fun clairvoyant, entertains with short and sweet palm, tarot or crystal ball readings. She can mingles whilst your guests nibble canapés and sip champagne, or she can work her way around dinner tables between courses. You could also seat her to the side and she will provide readings for small groups or one-to-one. For corporate events, Amelie can meet and greet with palm readings on your exhibition stand or as guests arrive at your venue.

Amelie’s readings are as long as you want them to be (anywhere from 3 minutes and up). Each psychic reading is fun, light-hearted, upbeat and spookily accurate. Touching on character, personality, potential, current circumstances and paths to success, Amelie leaves your guests uplifted and positive.

  • "Amelie was certainly very popular throughout the night and our guests very much enjoyed spending time with her!"
    Tesla Engineering
  • "A huge thank you to Amelie for expertly telling our fortunes!"
    Lumin Wealth
  • "You went down a storm at the party!!!"
    Atlantis Group
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