Alice in Wonderland
Themed Walk About

Join us down the rabbit hole with the perfect addition to any ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (or related) themed event.

We have a range of extremely decedent costumes and highly talented actors that can become a part of your party and help everyone get into the theme.

Hire stilt walkers, acrobats and unicycling jugglers and actors to mix and mingle with your guests throughout the night.

To bring your fairy-tale theme to life, look no further.

  • "Guests at our Alice in Wonderland themed ball were so excited to see a resplendent Queen of Hearts on stilts!"
    Rebecca - Event Manager
  • "Dazzling performance."
    Doug - Festival Organiser
  • "Guests loved being able to interact with the juggling and unicycle-riding Playing Cards."
    Malavika - Private Client
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The Flower People
Living Statues
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Flower Stilt Walkers
Flower Stilt Walkers
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The Living Topiary
Living Topiary
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The Blue Bells
Stilt Walkers
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