Alex W
Mind Artist

Alex is a mind artist who has the unique ability to perform some of the world’s most challenging mind reading tricks, whilst simultaneously remaining funny and charming.

Alex is hired to perform at the most exclusive events in London and around the world, entertaining leading companies, celebrities, sports stars and the top echelons of society. Alex has also made numerous TV appearances, including Richard and Judy, T4 on the Beach, Nuts TV, Channel 5 News and Cricket AM.

When you experience a performance from Alex, the magic happens in your mind and the minds of those around you, and everyone’s experience is unique and special.

  • “I think we’re going to be seeing a huge huge amount of you, amazing!’
    Richard Madeley
  • “Truly astonishing.”
    Roger Moore
  • “That’s not possible... You’re amazing.”
    Kelly Rowland
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Magician / Comedic Mind Reader
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Magician / Comedy Magician
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Magician / Digital Magician
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