Alex C
Mind Reader

Are you looking for something unusual for your next event? Something that will be a great talking point and leave the audience buzzing with excitement? Mind reading (or mentalism) is intriguing and different, and is suitable for many types of events.

As one of the top mind readers in the UK, Alex has developed a unique show which fascinates even the most cynical of guests!

  • "The office was buzzing the next morning with people not having a clue how you were able to do some of the things you did!"
    Alex - GlaxoSmithKline
  • "He managed not only his own performance but also the other things we asked of him with such superb professionalism and enthusiasm."
    Jacqueline - Event Manager
  • "He was on the ball and in control at all times and was a delight to work with."
    Jacob - Event Manager
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Comedy Magician
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Magician / Comedy Magician
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Alex W
Mind Artist
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Magician - Elite
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