Acrobatic Elves
Walkabout Act

Playful and mischievous, ​Acrobatic Elves are a fantastic mix and mingle, walkabout act. Their costumes are all hand-made and highly detailed, perfect for walkabout performances where the performer is viewed up close, right in the midst of the audience.

The Acrobatic Elves come with a range of skills including power-skips, acrobatic tumbling and ‘acro-juggling’ (tumbling and juggling combined), and are available in both summer and winter dress.

Created in 2018, Acrobatic Elves are and one of the most unique and versatile circus walkabouts around.

  • ​"One of Britain's most exciting dance and circus companies...Stunningly inventive."
    Georgio - Event Manager
  • "So moving and beautiful."
    Jeremy - Private Client
  • "A fantastic performance."
    Susie - Private Client