Monday Motivation: Top 5 Who Said It Best?

February 29

After last night’s 88th Academy Awards ceremony we, at the Blank Canvas Entertainment offices, decided to have a little think and name some of our favourite and most memorable Oscar acceptance speeches to date.   Now, we all think we would know EXACTLY what to say when handed the most honorable award in the film […]

Monday Motivation: Top 10 Wedding First Dance Songs 2016

February 22

Picking a first dance song at your wedding is only easy if you and your fiancé have a song that is officially yours or you have a beat that both you and your partner are equally as obsessed as the other with AND then factor in if it is indeed appropriate for a wedding first […]

Top Tips: Top 10 Theming Ideas

February 15

As Mondays can sometimes be a little bit bleak, we at Blank Canvas Entertainment thought we would start a Motivation Monday section on our blog to help make the transition from weekend to work mode a little easier! As everyone loves a themed party, what better way to start then sharing with you our Top […]